Central Georgia Tech Availables




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Central Georgia Tech has a number of availables still left on the board who helped their program to a 21-10 (11-5) record this season.  We give you a breakdown of the top performances of Central’s Available sophomores below w/ highlights

6’7 Adrian Tolbert-7.2ppg/7.3prg

Top Performances
19pts/11reb vs Alabama Southern
15pts/9reb vs Albany Tech
12pts/6reb vs Chatt Tech

6’4 Tyrone Young7.3ppg/4.8rpg
Top Performances
10pts/5reb/3ast vs Atlanta Metro
11pts/2reb vs East Georgia
20reb/7reb vs Action Sports Academy

6’5 Jordan Martin-12.3ppg/4.3rpg/2.9apg

Top Performances
27pts/5reb/3ast vs GA Highlands
26pts/5reb/5ast/2stls vs Atlanta Metro
21pts/6reb/5ast vs Chatt Tech

6’8 Andre Brooks5.1ppg/5.0rpg

Top Performances
12pts/9reb vs East Georgia
12pts/10reb vs West Georgia Tech

6’3 Nosike Obanya15.7ppg/4.2rpg

Top Performances
25pts/4reb/4stls vs South GA State
21pts/3reb/4stls vs East Georgia State
21pts/3reb/2stls vs CVCC
21pts/4ast vs Cleveland State

6’6 Anthony Johnson-10ppg/8.6rpg (Committed to Columbus State 4/7)

Top Performances
18pts/11reb vs Georgia Highlands
21pts/9reb vs Cleveland State
16pts/13reb vs Chatt Tech

6’1 LaDarius Stewart-7.5ppg/4.8rpg

Top Performances
18pts/10reb/4ast vs Chatt Tech
13pts/4ast vs Gulf Coast
11pts/6eb/4ast vs South Georgia Tech