2017 JucoReportTop100 Confirmed player list

Coaches Below is our #JucoReportTop100 Confirmed Player list

Event Date: Saturday July 22nd

Event Location: Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School 805 Mount Vernon Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30327

Game Times: 10:30-5:15pm

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D1: $175 for first coach from a staff $50 for each additional coach from same institution
D2, D3, NAIA: $150 first coach from a staff $50 for each additional coach from same institution

Coaches we will accept Cash, Credit Cards, and SCHOOL CHECKS no Personal Checks. Programs looking pay with a school check please have the check written to Coach Watkins Athletics

Updated as of 9am-Thursday 7/20


Height Name Last Current School
6’11 Will Brown Spartanburg Methodist 
6’10  Brandon Thompson Oakland Community College
6’10 Matthew Horton  Shelton State
6’10 Joshua Scott Wallace State Community College
6’8 Carlos Thomas East Mississippi
6’8 Massamba Dioum Georgia Highlands 
6’8 Cameron Diggs East Central Mississippi CC
6’8 Chandler Davis Snead State
6’8 Tajh Green Spartanburg Methodist 
6’8 Nick Johnson Wake tech
6’8 Jacob Spence South Georgia State College
6’7 Hunter Preston Snead State
6’7 Isaiah  Crawley Columbia State Community College
6’7 Adonis Green South Georgia Tech
6’7 Wade Lowman Cuyahoga Community College
6’7 Justin Slocum Columbia State Community College
6’7 Dominique  Walker South Georgia tech 
6’7 Geordan Walker Wallace State 
6’7 tyler thornton Georgia Highlands 
6’7 Malik Brevard Palm Beach State
6’7 Cameron Preston Snead State
6’7 Elijah Neville Shelton State
6’7 Dwayne Wilson South Georgia State College 
6’6 John  Payne  Wallace State Community College 
6’6 Gerald Buncum Spartanburg Methodist 
6’6 Jonathan Andre Wallace State Community College
6’6 My’Quan Gooding Brunswick Community College 
6’6 Jonathan Andre Wallace State Community College
6’6 Quintin Dove Cuyahoga Community College
6’6 Matthew  Misenheimer  
6’6 Marquel  Wiggins  South Georgia Tech
6’6 Chris  Rollins Wallace State Community College
6’6 KiyJohnte Houston South Georgia Tech
6’6 Jalen  Hillery  Spartanburg Methodist 
6’6 Musah Sackor Spartanburg Methodist 
6’6 Jalen Hodges Wallace State Community College
6’5 Ja’Mar Hammonds  Bakersfield College
6’5 Devin  Hutchinson Brunswick Community College 
6’5 Xavier  McCoy Brunswick Community College 
6’5 Jared Richardson  Andrew College 
6’5 Malik Davis Central Georgia Technical College 
6’5 Antonio Howard Coastal Alabama 
6’5 David  Payne Malcolm X Community College
6’5 Darrion  Clinton Spartanburg Methodist 
6’5 Frederick  Slater Spartanburg Methodist 
6’4 SaDaris Rhodes Jr.  
6’4 Aidan Saunders Three Rivers CC
6’4 Deshaw Andrews USC Salkehatchie
6’4 Lawrence  Collins Andrew College
6’4 Arthur  Binn Andrew college 
6’4 Demetry Leake Brunswick Community College 
6’4 Michael Green Jr. Coastal Alabama 
6’4 Darrian Wilson Copiah-Lincoln Community College 
6’4 Jaylon Wray Brunswick Community College 
6’4 Illyan Scott East Mississippi Community College
6’4 Terryonte  Thomas East Mississippi 
6’4 Jalen Gaddy Louisburg College
6’4 Jonathan King Olive-Harvey
6’4 jason morrison Snead State
6’4 Austin Hardy Shelton State
6’4 Skyler  Baggs  South Georgia State College 
6’4 Karlton  Spaulding  South Georgia State College 
6’3 Dennis Loef 22ft Academy 
6’3 Alfonzo  Peoples Cleveland State 
6’3 Marcus  Summerville Cohoama Community College 
6’3 Rotarius Ware East Central Community College
6’3 Tavonta Jones East Central Community College 
6’3 Charles Butler Spartanburg Methodist 
6’3 Devontae Mason Wallace Selma
6’3 Jarriet Sims II  
6’3 kai lambert Gordon State College
6’3 Paul Miller Gordon State College
6’3 Jahlil Rawley Shelton State
6’3 Charles Butler Spartanburg Methodist 
6’3 Tray Jefferson Lackawanna College 
6’3 Kelvin Pruitt USC Salkehatchie
6’3 Armani Allen Malcolm X Community College
6’3 TraQuan Knight Shelton State
6’3 Jonte Moultrie Mississippi Gulf Coast 
6’3 Eldred Mclamb Pensacola State College
6’3 Jarad Pruitt  
6’3 Eyequan Wilson Spartanburg Methodist 
6’3 Nephus  McGee McHenry County College 
6’3 Tyler Brevard Spartanburg Methodist 
6’3 Ryle Owens USC Salkehatchie
6’3 Jamani Glover Shelton State
6’2 Khaileel  Dailey  Brunswick Community College 
6’2 Donnie Williams Chattahoochee valley community college 
6’2 Noel Jackson Delgado Community College
6’2 CJ Ruffin East Central Community College
6’2 Javaughn Patterson East Georgia State
6’2 Cam Horton East Mississippi Community College
6’2 Malique Kirby Gadsden State Community College
6’2 John Arnold Gadsden state community college 
6’2 Dwight Burton Macomb community college 
6’2 Keshawn Gibbs Olive Harvey
6’2 Malik Wilson  South Georgia Tech
6’2 Kaivon  Rivers  Spartanburg Methodist 
6’2 Alphonso Willis Spartanburg Methodist 
6’2 Demarkus Lampley Wallace State Community College
6’2 Charles Norman Shelton State
6’2 Luke  Dawson South Georgia State College
6’1 Javan McBurrows Andrew College
6’1 Steven Henry Middle Georgia Prep
6’1 Michael Laster Central Georgia Technical College 
6’1 Arne Morris Chattanooga State Community College
6’1 Adam Ellis West Georgia Tech
6’1 Walter Crawford  Columbia State Community College
6’1 Larenz Thurman Cuyahoga Community College
6’1 Tariq Jenkins  East Georgia State
6’1 Derek St. Hilaire Gordon State College
6’1 Trae Thompson Northwest Mississippi 
6’1 Shawn Barnes Snead State
6’1 Demarcus Addie Georgia Highlands 
6’1 Xavier Miller Spartanburg Methodist
6’1 Kristopher  White Spartanburg Methodist 
6’1 Maxwell Clark Wallace State Community College
6’1 Kenneth  Barnes Shelton State
6’0 Ijon Owens Andrew College
6’0 Tavon King Columbia State Community College
6’0 Keith Harris East Mississippi Community College
6’0 Justin Flakes Northwest Community College 
6’0 JJ Simpson Odessa college
6’0 Ricky Shearman Roane State
6’0 Mike Boone South Georgia Tech
6’0 Marcus Gilbert Southern Union CC
6’0 Jackson Lenyear Spartanburg Methodist
6’0 Nicholas Fleming The Skill Factory
6’0 Josh  Knight Shelton State
6’0 Charles  Botchway  South Georgia State College
6’0 Eric Shaw South Georgia State College
6’0 Eli Farrakhan Central Georgia Tech
5’11 christopher mark Delgado Community College
5’11 Dontavious  Marshall Gulf Coast 
5’11 Tyler Ancrum Monroe Junior College
5’11 Ryan Kroll Palm Beach State
5’11 Xavier Malcom Wallace State Community College
5’11 Keyshaun  Street  South Georgia State College 
5’11 Marquise  Jackson South Georgia State College
5’10  Jalen McKelvey  Spartanburg Methodist 
5’10 D’von Moore McCook community college
5’10 AJ  McFarland Meridian CC
5’10 Durand Green South Georgia tech 
5’10 Michael Johnson Wallace State Community College
5’10 Tre Dodd Shelton State
5’10 Sheldon Hendrix South Georgia State College
5’9 Torico  Simmons  South Georgia Tech
5’9 Keldrick Lesure Columbia State Community College
5’9 Tyree Crankfield  Columbia State Community College
5’9 Jarvis Johnson Highland CC
5’9 Dennis Robinson II Wallace State Community College
5’8 Reggie Wright USC Salkehatchie
5’7 Demetrius Caldwell Faulkner State